Like confused expense forms, rounding out visa and migration printed material can be a distressing and threatening procedure. One basic error or oversight will bring about exorbitant, mind boggling and protracted postponements. Having to re-do and re-present your visa and movement application papers will make you sit tight numerous additional months for your life partner’s migration endorsement and, in a few occasions, imperil the whole system.

This is a circumstance where it pays you to work with an expert – somebody who manages each part of the migration and visa application process from K-1 Fiancée, Spousal or the new K-3 visa. Somebody that does these applications once a day. Somebody who will complete it for you rapidly, and above all, accurately, the first run through, inevitably. That is our guarantee and sense of duty regarding our esteemed customers. 

There are numerous lawyers who publicize visa administrations for the Philippines and these are fine ( at significantly higher costs) the extent that they go. What they don’t delineate for you, and can’t offer, are the extra full help benefits that  accommodates you and your life partner, both in the U.S. furthermore, in the Philippines, all through the whole movement process.

We work specifically with the different administrative organizations required once a day. We know all the nearby laws, controls and necessities for migration firsthand, and remain up and coming on any adjustments in those prerequisites as they may happen. We are ideal here to help both you and your life partner through each progression of the procedure.

Our Philippine staff is familiar with your life partner’s local vernacular, so she will feel great and sure as we help her through all the visa application steps that she should take.


With 30+ years of experience, workplaces in both the U.S. also, the Philippines, and lower costs than lawyers charge for simply finishing the INS printed material, Chula Vista Immigration Attorneys and Travel handles the whole migration process for you, from the time you initially get in touch with us until the time your life partner or life partner lands in the USA. Our administrations incorporate help with the accompanying required things, travel permits, police clearances, confirmed archives, restorative, CFO classes and every single other report required by both the Philippine and United States governments.

Speed, exactness, and full far reaching movement administrations at low, really moderate costs, that is the thing that the neighborly and expert staff at Olvis offers you. For questions and any unanticipated issues, we’re never more than a telephone summon, whenever, quickly, until the point when the entire procedure is finished.

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